A Silkworm-Derived Substance Called Serrepeptase is Helping Many People Heal

The human body has remarkable recuperative and regenerative powers, but it also has definite limits. Some injuries and conditions end up lingering for years, despite the body’s best attempts at repairing the damage.

There are some naturally occurring substances, though, that researchers have found can help the body overcome such impasses. A compound known as serrepeptase, which is found in the bodies of silkworms, for instance, appears to accelerate and support a number of different types of healing processes. A quick look at some of the most impressive serrepeptase benefits will reveal why so many are now interested in products containing this ingredient.

Helping the Body Heal and Fight Inflammation

Silkworms use serrepeptase to digest the cocoons that keep them protected as they proceed through metamorphosis. The human body can employ the same compound in a broadly similar way that helps it overcome a variety of roadblocks that commonly interfere with healing.

That makes serrepeptase useful in many situations where issues like accumulated fibrin or dead tissue would normally slow the process of healing or bring it entirely to a halt. Researchers have found that serrepeptase can be beneficial to people suffering from conditions like:

Osteoarthritis. The cartilage that is supposed to protect the bones found in joints throughout the body will normally be replenished when it starts to wear down. Osteoarthritis sets in when that natural process of rejuvenation no longer works effectively, leaving the ends of bones painfully unshielded. Taking serrepeptase supplements can help the body start rebuilding cartilage that had been lost in the past.

Ulcerative colitis. When the colon becomes chronically ulcerated and inflamed, the body can reach a point where it can no longer effectively control the deterioration. The situation often snowballs from there, with the development of full-blown ulcerative colitis frequently leaving the affected person more or less disabled. Serrepeptase has been shown to help the bodies of certain patients make enough progress that the process of healing can finally begin.

New Products Make the Power of Serrepeptase More Accessible

With so many studies having now established the many applications of serrepeptase, there are an increasing number of supplements that aim to make it available to all who might benefit from it. Supplement maker Arthur Andrew has introduced a product called serretia, for instance, that includes an appropriate dose of serrepeptase in every capsule.

By taking arthur andrew serretia regularly and as directed, people suffering from many healing-related conditions can obtain some hope of relief. While serrepeptase is not a panacea, it has been proven in the course of quite a few studies to be of value to many.


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